Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lush Cosmetics-Coal Face Cleanser

This has to be the most amazing cleanser I've ever encountered. Found this brand totally on accident at Lenox Mall a couple weekends ago. They are stationed inside of Macy's and I was very intrigued by their products. I bought a face mask especially equipped for people with oily skin as well as their "Caca Rouge" henna blocks to naturally dye my hair. I'll give an update on the henna later but the face mask is AMAZING. To compliment, they also gave me a sample of "Coal Face" because of my extremely oily skin. I will say it does dry out your face but once you go along abut your day, your natural oils take over and you would never even notice. 

Check out their website with other fabulous naturally handmade cosmetics. Linke Below!!!!

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